In this episode, I interview Jared Graybeal, the Founder, and CEO of Superfit Foods based in Jacksonville, Florida. Superfit Foods is a meal prep company that empowers people to live happier and healthier lives. They specialized in health, wellness, and fitness- providing healthy food as well as food delivery convenient, affordable, and tasty experience.

Jared Graybeal was a personal trainer and health club manager for 7 years. Superfit Foods was started in Lakeland, Florida in May of 2015 and expanded to Jacksonville in 2016. Grew 2 FTE to current 16 and 9 part-time drivers. A meal prep company has an average annual growth of 18% for the whole 5 years. And this year, they are aiming to reach 24% amidst a pandemic.

One of the values for a fast-growing business is the passion imparted by the team to the business itself. And that’s what Jared Graybeal said: “You must build a team that’s passionate about the mission, a team with a growth mindset.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Success is measured in the people they reached.
  • The hospitality of the customer service plays a big part of the marketing offer.
  • How standard operating procedures prevent unnecessary events.
  • Reading good business books and applying the principles on how to build a company.
  • The importance of creating an operating agreement from day one of starting the business.
  • Part of growing a business is sticking to the values and pursuing the mission.
  • Helping other people live happy lives and become healthier.
  • Building a team with passion and a growth mindset.

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“I measure success in the impact that we got to make in the world or in the community around us.” – Jared Graybeal 

“You must build a team that’s passionate about the mission, a team with a growth mindset.” – Jared Graybeal  

“In a business, there’s a need to have standard operating procedures for everything to avoid messing a client up.” – Jared Graybeal

“One of the business’ values you need to consider is to have exemplary customer service.” – Jared Graybeal

“One of the interesting journeys in growing a business is leading a team to stick to the values and pursue the mission.” – Jared Graybeal


Music from “Cold Funk” by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY