The Distillers Institute will help you navigate the many twists and turns of setting up your own distillery or spirits business within 12-18 months. Join our online community and start planning your future in distilling.

How can the Distiller’s Institute courses help?

Our courses are designed to help people who are thinking about starting their own spirits business, develop the skills and confidence to take the plunge.

Members receive access to content via an online portal, specifically created for the Australian distilling community.

130+ Members undertaking the course


The ‘Planning your successful distillery’ course guides your distilling journey covering everything from research and product decisions, to technical training, how to write distillery specific business plans and financial models, to marketing strategies and sales projections.

Thanks for all the detailed information about starting up. Very worthwhile and vital to go through all your education and advice about distilling.

Shane – Course Attendee

How does it work?

The Distillers Institute provides a step-by-step process over two courses to plan your distillery. They guide you through the economics, compliance, safety and skills required to become an active distiller.

We share what the Australian Tax Office will be expecting in order to get your licence, give you options on where to purchase equipment and guide you to the right industry consultants (if desired).

We offer insights from active Australian distilleries that have been through their own journey and are now selling their products. Once you’re rolling, you’re on the way to being a part of the Australian Distilling community.

Gin botanicals ready for distillation.

Why should I look at these courses?

If you are thinking about starting a distillery or spirits business, Course One will ask why you should, and also why you shouldn’t go on that journey. It will also save you a lot of heartache (and money!) along the way.

After completing the seven modules in Course One you’ll have a clear understanding if distilling is for you, and after Course Two and 12 months it should have you well on your way to creating a successful business.

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