The Distillers Institute will help you navigate the many twists and turns of setting up your own distillery (or other beverage) business. Get to know the business of distilling in Australia or New Zealand. The ideal tool to start planning your successful distillery business.

Course One: Planning Your Successful Distilling Business

This course gets you started towards owning and running your own distillery. It covers the following:

  1. Knowledge about distilling
  2. Business planning including finances, people and training
  3. Marketing a distillery business including brand and marketing
  4. Product planning including what to make and when
  5. Setting up including scale, and
  6. Navigating compliance and licences.

This course is business-focused and has a collection of technical insights and downloads to help you on your way. It has been built to bring all the available knowledge about starting in distilling into one location so that your businesses can be ready and successful in the market.


These seven modules are squarely focused on what you need to do to commence the journey and at the end we’ll get you to ask yourself – is this for me?